Neither is the path to creating anything truly impactful.

At the heart of purpose-led work lies a community of innovators, moved by their calling to create meaningful change, shift culture and solve societal problems.

Felix Denali is a South African storytelling studio founded in 2018, specialising in strategic copywriting to support purpose-led projects & brand campaigns.

is not linear,



Noma Ntshingila.

Before anything else, I’m a storyteller–

as a result, every medium I lean into, whether by curiosity or calling, is informed by narrative and character building. This mind space allows me to bring brand personalities to life through effective communication pieces that solve brand problems and meet audiences where they are.

In a nutshell?*

I’m on a mission to weave new worlds into existence,

one story at a time.

*This site does not contain traces of nuts.

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Our process,


The pillars of crafting purpose-led work


It all begins with a deep dive into the details of your why– the essence of the problem your brand or project aims to address.


This understanding is taken and shaped into well aligned narrative solutions that can be executed across multiple mediums.


From start to end, each project is crafted in ways that allow the work to speak authentically & retain



we’ve told

| Choma

The Ask? To create an online space to maximise HIVSA’s exposure and build brand awareness while driving their key message of creating an HIV-free generation.

The Result? A highly engaging, mobile-first website with articles related to relevant issues for the audience, poll questions and the ability to “Ask Choma” from any platform. Choma grew into a readily available, safe space to gain trusted advice on sensitive issues, informed by factual statistics and in collaboration with medical professionals.

UI/UX Copywriting;

Blog Content writing & mapping (social & web);

Community Management

2016 | Arc Interactive

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| Dis-Chem

The Ask? An app that facilitates the interaction of Dis-Chem’s customers with their in-store services.

The Result? A revolutionary, accessible & inclusive app that places the user’s trusted pharmacy in the palm of their hand, without having to leave home. Clear messaging gives strength to this simple, innovative shopping experience that allows customers to upload and collect their medical scripts online- a breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry.

UI/UX Copywriting

2017 | Arc Interactive

| CellC Girl

The Ask? To craft content & web copy for a career guidance platform that would extend CellC’s annual Take a Girl Child to Work Day® initiative, offering South African girls and young women practical resources–

all year round.

The Result? An engaging platform that addressed the core issues young women face. The content offered the audience guidance, private advice through “Ask CellCgirl”, internships, bursaries, an online course and other tools to make their schooling and working life easier. Ensuring the platform was free to navigate for CellC customers was key in achieving accessibility.

UI/UX Copywriting;

Blog Content Writing;

Community Management

2018 | Arc Interactive

| Happy Hunny

The Ask? To craft copy and messaging for pre-loved kid's clothing trade platform, Happy Hunny.

The Result? Website copy that is clear and tells the story of a child-centric resale brand, while communicating all the important bits and bobs in a clear, fun and adorable way for parents.

UI/UX Copywriting

2022 | Liquid Thought

| RushTushFit App

The Ask? To create copy that speaks to fitness newbies, expecting moms and professionals, for an app that offers longevity in training.

The Result? A professional fitness app that allows users to personalise their training program according to fitness level and provides access to over 90 guided workouts. The subscription-based app creates a wholesome, uplifting space while offering the best in training methods that have been tried and tested among the women in South Africa.

UI/UX Copywriting;

2022 | Liquid Thought


New Generation Awards


Most Most Innovative App Developed by a Small Agency

Dis-Chem Pharmacies



Most Most Innovative Social Media Campaign

HIVSA | Choma Magazine



Best Community Engagement

CellC | CellC Girl


IAB Bookmark Awards


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Dis-Chem Pharmacies



NPO + Public Service Platform

HIVSA | Choma Magazine


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